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Our hygienist provides a fantastic service to professionally clean your teeth and gums in a gentle manner using state of the art equipment (Including the ever popular Jet Spray Polish)

Our hygienists are highly recommended as you can see on their glowing testimonials.

We trust you will fully appreciate their ability to refresh your smile!

Quick Smile – £65

A 30 minute appointment using the ultrasonic scaler. Ideal for regulars, who need a quick clean and oral health check.

Super Clean – £80

A longer, more thorough 45 minute appointment that includes interproximal polishing with EPITEX finishing strips.

Ultra Clean – £100

A 60 minute appointmet that utilises our sensational Jet Spray Polisher. The effect is instant, removing both old and new stains caused over time by tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes. Your teeth will feel the freshest they’ve felt and look instantly brighter without bleaching.

The Jet Spray Polisher is not suitable for all – please check before booking

  • In this highly popular procedure our hygienist applies a gentle Air Jet followed by a High Gloss Diamond Paste Polish. It is completely painless and highly effective.
  • People assume old stains on teeth are permanent but this really is not the case!
  • These old stains are built up over the years and are caused by cigarettes, red wine, tea and coffee. They can easily be removed with our brilliant Air Jet Polish returning your teeth to their original gleaming state!
  • The effect is your teeth will become instantly naturally lighter during this procedure as we can demonstrate on our shade guide. This procedure is a real treat for your teeth, so why not book an appointment today!

Periodontal Deep Cleaning – £135

The dental hygienist removes plaque through a deep-cleaning method call scalling and root planing.Scalingmeans scraping off the tartar from above and below the gum line. Root planing gets rid of rough spots on the tooth root where germs gather and helps remove bacteria that contribute to the disease. Where there is a clinical need the hygienist will also administer a course of Dentomycin.

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